Growing demand for fuel and Texas Allied Petroleum (TAP)

Oil and Gas industry is currently the most highly competitive industry, not just in the US but all over the world. In these circumstances, projects of exploration of new oil and gas reservation carry a huge risk and high chance of failure. Established oil companies like Texaco, Shell and Chevron can afford to take such risks as they have been in the business for several years and one failure won’t hurt them much. For the companies with a new setup, it is like gambling major part of their fortune into the business. Government has offered incentives to do so, seeing the deregulated industry, but taking the initiative for independent power producing companies is still a big risk. Many fields are considered rich with oil, but they just yield nothing after years of hard work and millions of dollars are spent on the exploration process.
Texas Allied Petroleum is a smaller and newer oil industry that has set up to work for the exploration, testing and drilling process. That is why it is a welcome development for the government. Founded in 2005, this company has grown and expanded to gain its current status. Presently, it produces 500,000 barrels of oil per day, a huge success for a company which began its journey just 6 years ago. It is based in Austin, Texas and carries out the exploration and digging endeavors in the states of Texas, Louisiana and the rich underground oil beds in the Gulf of Mexico. Oklahoma, Kansas and Wyoming also hold many oil digging and exploration projects of Texas Allied Petroleum.
Presently, it’s CEO and President is Anthony Black. He has provided a visionary leadership to the new company and helped it through the years to assume its current status. As oil resources are sometimes found below hundreds and thousands of feet below the surface level, advanced technologies are brought into use by the oil digging companies. Texas Allied Petroleum has made sure to use every new smart technology that is available; this assures high probability of finding hydrocarbon sources in the prospected fields. Owing to the high and ever increasing domestic demands, such companies are indeed performing an important job for the nation. The fields are rich in mineral resources all over the US, the excavation needs to be done using the most advanced technology so that more petroleum can be extracted from the rich fields and TAP is working harder every year to accomplish that goal.



Valentine’s Presents for Men

Personalised Whiskey
Available as either a lone malt or a blend, and with a number of label designs to select from, whiskey is the flawless gift for any bloke who loves a little tipple. In periods of personalisation, meanwhile, you’ll get to customise the label with his title and a short note. And don’t fright if he’s not that large-scale on whiskey – you’ll furthermore find beer, ale and cider available with the identical personalisation choices.

Personalised Retro Sweets
If your man’s got certain thing of a sugary tooth, call off the seek. The labels on these large-scale jars of personalised retro sweets can be customised to encompass his name, while interior he’ll find all his old-school faves, encompassing (take a deep breath) marshmallows, pink shrimps, very dark Jacks, crop Salads, cola containers, deep-fried eggs, jelly babies, soaring saucers, gobstoppers, confectionary sticks, dolly beads, confectionary whistles, rainbow lets slip, a twice drop, mini Love Hearts, Fizzers, Refresher chews, Drumstick lollies and a popping confectionary.

Lovers’ Leap Bungee leap
For a more unusual Valentine’s present,they don’t arrive much more extreme than the Lovers’ Leap bungee jump. As you’d probably anticipate from the title, this is your chance to take the plunge while strapped to your other half. You’ll be a ‘mere’ 170 feet up as the two of you plummet in the direction of the ground. What could be more romantic?!

evening meal and Theatre Deals
For this Valentine’s treat, you’ll both head into London. Your first halt will be for a meal at any one of these six bistros: the Italians, Bertorellis or La Locanda; the French junction, Chez Gerard; a fish restaurant called Livebait; Planet Hollywood and Tiger Tiger. After that, it’s straight off to a show, where you’ll have selected from Blood Brothers, Stomp, Chicago, We Will Rock You, The Woman in very dark, Avenue Q, 39 Steps johnnie walker blue label, Grease and Thriller.

Engraved presents
If there was an award for a classic Valentine’s gift, engraved gifts would decisively be in the running. On the one hand you’ve got crystal and tumblers, all of which can be engraved with your guy’s name and a brief note. On the other, you’ve got fob watches, hip flasks, jewellery and stuff like that. The identical direct applies to these – your bloke’s title and, in numerous situations, a note as well.

Jamal Daniel and Rania Daniel

A big reason behind the success of the Levant Foundation is the association of people who know a lot about culture and art. Speaking of individuals who really played a part in the success of this foundation, you cannot overlook Jamal Daniel. Born in Syria, he finally moved to Texas where he completed his MBA and laid the foundation of the Levant Foundation in Texas.
At Balamand University in Berut, Jamal Danielalso serves as an Honorary member of the board of trustees; At Awty International School, works as their Vice Chairman Of Board of Trustees and also as the chairman of their capital campaign; is a co-founder of the Center for the Global South at American University in Washington DC and is also a member of the International Advisory Board of the American University in Beirut. Pepperdine University where he graduated from, he has also served as their Board of directors and in N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management. Mr.Daniel is no more an active board member of the Levant Foundation; however, he still is the Foundations principal benefactor.
From the American Arab Chamber of Commerce, in 2011, Mr.Daniel received the Economic Bridge Builder Award for his never ending commitment to bridging the social, economic and cultural bridges among the two different circles.
Rania and Jamal Daniel have strongly supported the values and visions represented by the George Bush Presidential Library that is located on the campus of Texas A&M University. It is due to their efforts that they were honored with Presidential Dining Room in 2007. The meeting took place at the Annenberg Presidential Conference Center; it was on campus which got named the Rania and Jamal Daniel.
The presidential Museum, Library and the conference center is basically the state of an art facility that has been dedicated for the purpose of exhibition, preservation and research of personal papers, official records and memorabilia of this nation’s 41st President, Mr. George H.W. Bush. Plus it also serves as the location that offers students and faculty the opportunities to host discussions with current world leaders.
The library on the whole itself offers a serene setting which gives one a great opportunity to learn from the history while sitting in the present shaping the future. With President Bush and Senator Sam Nunn, The Daniels also joined in supporting actively the “points of light institute’. An organization that is dedicated to encourage the volunteering among people and to create an atmosphere where every citizen makes a meaningful difference in the society through active participation in the civic work. This would have helped changing the world while solving problems from the areas of environment, education and a lot more.